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The Immigrant Exodus project, the brainchild of  Vivek Wadhwa, hopes to capture the unique stories and experiences of the next generation of immigrant entrepreneurs. Expanding off of his research arguing that America is sliding into a reverse brain drain by educating top foreign students and sending them back to their home countries to create the next generation of innovative companies that will compete with American companies and workers, the site features personal stories from around the world; some successful, some not, and some in transition, just now coming to the United States for their education and realizing that legally, their dreams cannot include becoming the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

Our goal is to showcase EVERY voice no matter the situation. More importantly, it our mission to place a spotlight on the talent and the innovation the United States continues to turn away. We hope to serve as a community for startup founders and other entrepreneurs to discuss their visa struggles and tell their vision to the world.

The stories we broadcast from this platform will continue to build the case that Washington politicians must bridge the partisan divide to solve this problem. America is losing jobs and our competitive edge is slipping away day by day and year by year. To protect the future for American workers, shouldn’t the US immigration policy focus on letting job creators stay in the country where they received an education to hire Americans?

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