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Aug 28, 2012

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Jared Broad, QuantConnect

Jared Broad, QuantConnect

Since the age of 16, Jared Broad has pushed for innovative solutions to help tackle some of our world’s most dire problems. An honors graduate of the Auckland Biomedical Engineering program, Jared has always exhibited the entrepreneurial spirit; developing cutting edge medical technology and launching a software development consultancy while still in school.  After graduating college and working for a top engineering design consultancy in New Zealand, Jared – with less than $2,000, a backpack, and sleeping bag – left and embarked on an adventure leading him through central China. There, while working for Malteser International, a humanitarian organization, he helped build hospitals in the river-delta, orchestrated supply routes and managed projects.

It wasn’t until six-months later that he arrived in Miami on the Visa-Waiver- Program. There, Jared realized the potential and opportunity of immigrating to the U.S. He left the U.S. in early-2009 faced with unemployment and a worldwide economic recession. Jared and his partner, Cesar Russo, thus decided to start (IPC).  The IPC is an international humanitarian consulting company, which seeks to fix the inefficiencies and delays chronic in NGO work. In less than a year, the two had a million-dollar operation on their hands. IPC’s clients included the United Nations, Oxfam and Caritas. The IPC also helped in response to the 2009 Pakistan flood, 2010 Chile earthquake, 2010 Myanmar floods, and the 2011 Haiti earthquake.

For Jared, humanitarian work was incredibly satisfying; but it left his knowledge, background and talent for engineering on the backburner. After he completed his last IPC contract in Chile, Jared decided it was time to seek a more creative challenge.

Jared returned to his training and began work on a financial algorithm. He knew that he could combine both his passions to help raise money for humanitarian efforts. Starting from scratch, he gathered financial data, built an algorithm simulator, connected to an order processor and launched a small hedge fund called He began trading on $50,000 capital raised from family and friends. It was soon trading up to $250,000 per day. For 18 months, the fund was automated and traded beating the market by 15% during volatile times.

In 2011, QuantConnect, a pivot from, was established. The goal: mainstream this algorithm technology. The goal was to empower the general public with powerful tools to make investment fair again. In 2011, Jared won a Start Up Chile  grant and was invited to the TEDx Wall Street event and Battle of the Quants in New York (April 2012).

Independent, innovative, driven, and a humanitarian, Jared Broad encompasses the qualities every entrepreneur strives to attain. Unfortunately, the one dream he has yet to realize is to live and work in America.

“We’re a financial technology company, and our ultimate dream is to live and be based in New York City,” said Jared. “Most importantly, the U.S. fosters a culture of entrepreneurship with the infrastructure of support needed to succeed. Unfortunately, it has been difficult (to immigrate) and being from New Zealand, I’m not eligible for the E-3, and H1B visas are scarce.”

Jared leveraged his networks to meet with U.S. investors but many prefer a U.S. based team and company. Yet, without their investment, Jared and his team can’t overcome the expenses of the immigration process.

Until then, Jared continues to pursue alternative entries into the U.S. by applying to programs such as TechStars and from personal investments into the E1/E2 visa program. He has also reached out to the New York Economic Development Council who has started a pilot program for immigrant entrepreneurs in NYC called THRIVE.

The foundation of the StartupVisa program is to help award-winning, innovative, focused and vetted entrepreneurs like Jared reach the U.S.  In doing so, his business like many others, will generate thousands of U.S. jobs and help spur economic growth.

  1. I had the pleasure of seeing Jared work and he is all wich is said on this article and more. Clap Clap Clap Jared, the world needs more people like you.
    Abrazo from Chile mate.

  2. I read with great pride your short bio. I have always known Jared would be a shining light in this world. May you find a solution to your next big step. With a huge heart, insatiable appetite and drive for success in an altruistic focus. I wish you well. Gillian Australian mate from the Nargis disaster Myanmar

  3. Hannah Taylor says:

    Kia ora Jared, well done, looks like things are going really well for you! I’m working at Boys’ High now, haha, teaching all these ridiculously smart kids that will end up doing fantastic stuff like this when they leave school :)

  4. Christine says:

    Michael and I watch your progress from afar – always behind you, and so proud of the things you try and achieve. Wonderful role model for our own kids who remember you well.

  5. Thank you Christine! Hope the kids are well! :)

  6. Never give in Jared. I’ll have a think about about the US consents you need.

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